Airport Lounge! Check In and Chat!

by Myles - 11-03-2017 at 10:45

Check into the Airport Lounge and chat, meetup and share the time together!

Welcome to the Airport Lounge covering all major International Airports. Here you can chat with someone who maybe on the same flight and perhaps even meet for a drink at the bar or meet for a bite to eat at the Airport restaurant. You can also discuss any topic in the community area such as flight delays, flight status, flight arrivals; why not start a discussion about your flight number or chosen airline and see who joins in. Keep up to date with all the latest flight information and airport gossip..

Fun Things to do Together!

by Myles - 11-03-2017 at 10:17

Join or create an activity and invite your friends ...It's so easy and Errrr Fun!

Welcome to fun things to do together where you can join or create fun activities to enjoy with kids, family and friends as well as meet new friends. It is the ideal way to plan a surprise Birthday party, a girls or boys night out, or simply manage your planned event. Chat about the event individually or as a group and make sure no one misses out. If you are planning any sort of games such as football, baseball or yoga sessions for example, plan it here and let people know about it..

Welcome to

by CmhAdmin - 11-03-2017 at 09:14

We hope you enjoy all that has to offer! Find and chat someone happy in your language on your live world map, flirt and maybe even date! Join or create an activity to share with friends or meet new people in our fun things to do together section, you'll love it! If you are bored and have a long layover at the Airport, check to your Airport and see who's online, start a one on one conversation or join in the community chat in the Airport lounge. And last but not least, find your missed connections, you know, the one that got away that you just can't stop thinking about! See if they are looking for you or create a message for them to find. We love having you on site, so thank you for visiting and enjoy! .